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Krakow, the best Polish city for food

After staying in Gdansk for two weeks, we needed to use our summer break wisely. We decided to travel by train to Krakow, Poland. We thought it was just going to go as planned, visit the salt mine, see the Krakow Castle, eat at restaurants, and order  pizzas, but we were wrong. We decided to try a little place in the closest  market square. We had not yet tried the famous polish dish, Zapiekanka. This was the time to try it. My mom, Wendy ordered a delicious one. Which we were not expecting to be so good.IMG_0422It had gouda cheese, bacon, mozzarella, crispy onions, and an awesome and flavorful garlic sause. It was crunchy, sweet, and the cheese melted in your mouth. The bread was crisp, and the sauce was nice and creamy. I tried a bite. At a traditional Polish restaurant, my dad decided to try a traditional Polish sausage, but it wasn’t just any old sausage.IMG_0370It was a Polish sausage filled with hot cheddar cheese. The sausage was perfect, and the cheese made it even better. I didn’t think life could get better. The food was better than perfect. But apparently, we were missing a big ingredient in the recipe to perfection. Chimney cakes. My mom had read about them and decided to try some at a chimney cake food truck nearby.And let me tell you something, if you come to Poland and don’t try Chimney cakes, you might as well not come at all.

IMG_4647It was an awesome cake with sprinkled sugar, filled with Reeses peanut butter. Another one was filled with nutella and almonds. And my Chimney cake, was filled with white chocolate and coconut. It was sweet, warm, and awesome. Now we had finished the recipe. And the Chimney Cake bakery was right:IMG_4632

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  1. Grandpa and Grandma Grandpa and Grandma

    You will have so many recipes to try when you come back home. By the sound of it we will be doing lots of eating when we come over for a visit.

    • Yes, the food in Poland surprised me. Europe has some of the best food in the world! I’m sure you will love it when you come to visit.

  2. Marion Marion

    HI Guys,
    yum, that chimney cake sure interests me. IT sure looks yummy. I hope you girls can learn to make it so we can eat some at River valley. Next year. GLad you,re having such a great time, nice food reports Jadeyn!!
    Xo Marion

  3. Xander Xander

    Wow sounds delicious!!! I want to try chimney cakes now!!!

  4. Perry Perry

    Awesome!!! I don’t know how to pronounce that first cheesy bread thing, but I sure would like to try it!!!😋

    We just had funnel cakes in Toronto the other day. Never heard of them until recently.

    Looking forward to more food reports for sure!

    I bet dad (Ben) enjoyed that Polish sausage! 👍

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