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Catching Up

Long time, no post, I know.   Here is my attempt to summarize the last few months, with more detailed posts to follow.

No big surprise here:  We travelled.   The end of October saw us in the south of Germany on a 4 day road trip down memory lane for me.   Shortly after, our school’s calendar supplied us with yet another 4 day weekend when we rented a car and drove to Prague.  It was truly one of my favourite trips we’ve taken so far.

In December, we got our first visitor from Canada, which was my mother.  Together, we explored Gdansk and several areas of Greece before she went home and we continued on to Italy for another 10 days.  That bit of travel was our most unique Christmas we’ve ever spent.

January was marked with almost unspeakable sadness.  I found out that my 19 year-old nephew Kai was succumbing to the brain cancer which had plagued him for many years.   I booked a flight home to be with him one last time, but he died on January 12th –  about 3 weeks before my arrival.   He was ready to go, and it gives me some peace that wherever the beyond might be, he is with his mother once again.

The distance between Poland and Canada has never felt so great as it did when Kai died.  Technology is wonderful in many ways, but a call or a video or an email make inadequate substitutes for a hug, a look, or a shared experience.   These are the things I value most in the time I spend – wherever that may be.

February was blissfully uneventful.   Although we had our weeklong winter break, the whole family was travel-weary. Ben and I had to work 3 days of the week at the school’s day care, and I managed to get the worst case of the flu I can ever remember having.   Throw in a birthday celebration for me surrounded by all of my favourite people, food and things, and that was February.

March is proving routine as we work and wish for each day to be a little sunnier and a little warmer.     We have begun to be especially aware of time passing now, so we make every attempt to explore, enjoy and appreciate each moment we have.

More to follow……


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