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Halloween 2016 in Germany

Last Halloween was the girls’ first one outside Canada.   And since we had a 4 day break from school around the same date, it was a perfect opportunity to make it a memorable one.

We flew in on Saturday, and left on Tuesday.   We had 2 and a half days of real time travelling on what is known as the Romantic Road in Southwest Germany.

For me, it was a trip back in time.  I lived and worked in Bad Mergentheim for 4 months after my first year at University.  I was eager to share this part of my past with the girls and I was prepared for their lack of enthusiasm that I was sure their lack of personal connection would bring.  I was right.

Upon landing in Frankfurt, it was an immediate sense of comfort for me.   For the first time in 3 months, I was in a place where I could understand and read more than 1 word that was spoken or written.   I could communicate with the car rental agent, read road signs and have confidence that I wasn’t ordering pig’s brains at a restaurant.

Our first stop was Würzburg – a city I have always loved.  Now I can give you reasons to love it too:

It has a castle.


It has a market in central square.


It has some beautiful architecture.


It has men in old-world dress selling their wares from a pull-cart with a live duck in the back.  (see it?) Were they on their way to a play or was it just a regular Saturday? Either way, it was fantastic.


And in Würzburg, “street musician” means a man in a suit playing Vivaldi on a Grand Piano.

See what I mean, what’s not to love?

Next up on our itinerary was the town from my youth: Bad Mergentheim.

Many years later, I stood in front of the café where I spent long days cutting cake, tapping beer and perfecting my German.

Onto Rothenburg ob der Tauber, which is one of the most picturesque German towns you will ever see.

The town is surrounded by it’s medieval walls that can be partially transversed on foot.  Aside from a walk through history (excuse the pun), it affords a magnificent view from above.



We made a brief stop in Munich mainly for it’s impressive main square. It’s one of the most magnificent I have ever seen, and at night, it becomes almost magical.

Our trip was not complete until we had seen arguably the most touristic of all castles in Germany – Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein.   As it happened, the area was covered in thick fog on the day of our visit.

Dense fog + towering castles in the sky = missed opportunity.

This is about as good as the photos get:


Our last night in Germany was October 31st, and in honour of Halloween, we stayed in a city called Worms.  No worms in sight, but still a great way to mark the day.

Halloween 2016 was filled with medieval history, castles, music and great food.  Not ghostly or haunted, but memorable even so.

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  1. Patricia McAughey Patricia McAughey

    Thank you Wendy for the sharing your adventure ! The pictures are beautiful and give a different and better view of Germany than you normally see from tourist information.

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