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Famous Italian food adventures

Italy and it’s food was just as I expected. Pizzeria’s around every corner and delicious pastas in every restaurant. Our first adventure was my parents trying the famous Limoncello after a meal. First of all, it was free! Second of all, it was amazing!(or so I’ve heard) They said it’s definitely something to taste when travelling in Italy.

We then set out, wandering the cute little streets of Siena (in Tuscany) and came across a restaurant that made us question why we even bought pizza, pasta and other Italian food anywhere else besides in Italy.


The first picture is of a humongous calzone that was practically the size of a kitten or a small dog. It was filled with cheese and ham, but the best part was the actual calzone dough itself. It was warm, fresh, and one of the best things you’ll ever taste. The second picture is of a popular Italian pasta that is a specialty of Rome that you may have heard of: cacio e pepe. It was very original and creative. I didn’t try it myself, but my dad did, and he said it was very good. By far, my favorite part of food in Italy was the gelato. People only know Italy for it’s pizza and pasta, which is unmistakably good, but I adore their gelato which come in many different, some very strange, but good flavors.




This was so good there are no words to describe it. My dad isn’t much of an ice cream fan, but when he tried a bite of this, he fell instantly in love. Anyone would.

Our next adventure was in IKEA. Now tell me otherwise, but personally, I’ve never known IKEA for selling wine in their restaurant, except for in Italy, that’s a different case.

This was a hilarious experience for us. Only in Italy did we ever see this. I don’t know if this was for a special occasion, but it looked as though they have it all year long. The last and final adventure, was in Venice. Venice had a very good pasta place, nice pizza restaurants, but my favorite place was hot dog restaurant. It was a tiny place on a hidden street. It was busy and smelled so good, my nose almost exploded.

It was a very long hot dog, wrapped in potato, and drizzled with delicious cheese sauce. All of this in one meal. Is there anything more amazing in this world!!!!! Well, personally, there is one thing that is tied with this hot dog. My ice cream. I’ve talked about Italian Gelato, but this is a whole other level.

This is the best ice cream I’ve ever had in my life. It’s coconut ice cream (which I love anyways, I love anything with coconut) and the coconut ice cream was IN a coconut.(as you can see) It was creamy, and awesome. What I learned: People didn’t lie about Italian food!

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  1. Marlene Mulligan Marlene Mulligan

    Maybe we can find gelato while we are in Paris. Grandpa and I have never tried it. We leave in five days! See you soon. Love Grandpa and Grandma

  2. Patricia McAughey Patricia McAughey

    Oh your adventures are amazing – I have never seen a hotdog with potatoes wrapped around it ….. maybe I will have to try this .

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