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Category: Jade

Greece is Sweet!

Greece was exactly how I imagined it. White buildings with blue tops on a mountain edge over looking the sea. Beautiful. The food was just as beautiful. When we went, it was Christmas time, so…

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Czech’s Bests

Czech Republic was amazing. From huge, decorative, historical buildings, to tiny, cute, friendly shops in little towns, Czech Republic had by far the most decorative and creative architecture I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, we didn’t have…

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Mmmm Germany!

From the fantastic architecture, happy memories, and glorious sausages, Germany was amazing. Our first night was a great start. We arrived at our hotel, around dinner time, and decided to go have some Schnitzel and…

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Food in Norway!

I’m sorry this was so late. I have been so caught up in school recently starting! Norway was amazing. I don’t even have words to describe it. The food was very good. It was very…

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