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12 days left in Canada

The house is messier and tidier at the same time.  While we have re-homed, sold, or packed many of our belongings, it seems like little piles of stuff are still everywhere.   Packing up is tedious, but it’s long overdue for us.  This kind of purge is exactly what we didn’t know we needed.

Today’s to-do’s:  Pick up our new DSLR camera, a trip to the clothes donation centre, a Shopper’s Drug Mart run to get some more essentials, hopefully our final basement clean-up, and calls to the credit card companies to make sure they don’t block usage when they see charges from Iceland, Denmark (our stopover), or Poland in a couple weeks.

We still have lots on the to-do list, but it feels manageable.   With so much to keep us busy, it keeps us distracted from too much melancholy over what we are leaving behind.

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