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Our first days in Gdansk

We have been in Gdansk for 3 days and they have largely been packed with checking items off the must-do list. And not the fun kind of must-do things. They’ve been errands that have allowed me to text (getting a Polish SIM card), and allowed us to live somewhere as of August 1st (sign the contract on our apartment).

We have been trying to mostly learn by experience, in the spirit that it’s usually the best teacher out there.

Here’s what we’ve learned:

  1. Polish apartments are abundantly locked.  In our current very tiny 6 staircase walk-up in the centre of town, we have 2 separate locks which need to do 2 full rotations to lock or unlock and EACH have 6 deadbolts.  Our permanent apartment that we move into next week is the same.  And this is the old-school key to our new place:IMG_0180
  2. The Baltic Sea is beautiful to see, calming to listen to, and fun to play in. IMG_0160
  3.  Also, the Baltic leaves you with a thick green film of algae all overIMG_0171
  4. The tram system (ZTM) is convenient and easy to navigate.  On the downside, it is heavily used and most are not air-conditioned. Enough said.
  5. The Principal of our school and his family are warm, funny, wonderful people and they – in addition to anyone else we have met here in Poland including the owner of our current place and the real estate agent we used – have made us feel welcomed and at home here in this new city.

We ventured into Old Town last night and although many more photos are sure to follow, I will leave you with these first impressions of Gdansk:






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  1. Perry Perry

    Wow Mulligans!!! Sounds like your off to a great start!! Looking forward to following your adventure

  2. Olivia Olivia

    That is amazing the girls look like there going to have a amazing time. Great experience for everyone!

  3. Jen Jen

    Looks fantastic!

  4. Lilly Lilly

    wow, it is so pretty there. You must be having such a great time!

    • Sorry, i couldn’t reply to your comment very fast.It is awesome here. But i miss you. I hope you are having a good summer.

  5. Jocelyn Jocelyn

    I love the Harry Potter Keys to your home! How elegant!

  6. Norah Stebner Norah Stebner

    Hi Wendy…Rose gave me your site. Sounds like all is well so far. Perhaps I will be able to go to see you with Rose if it works out. She has asked me if I would go with her so I will try.

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