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Animals in Iceland

In Iceland, i met a dog named Mira. She’s very cute and likes to play with rocks and soccer balls.136

Sheep and goats hang out with each other. I don’t know why, but here they are, together.IMG_0114We got to see Icelandic ponies up close.We didn’t get to touch them because they are wild… or they could be.IMG_0229IMG_0230

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  1. Xander Xander

    Wow!!!! Awesome animals!! I remember seeing Mira on FaceTime! Tell me more about what you are seeing!!

  2. Grandpa and Grandma Grandpa and Grandma

    The ponies look like they are happy to see you. We looked for Bob the Duck in Sturgeon Falls and River Valley but no luck. We missed you at the duck race. Our duck did not win, AGAIN. Avalon, Nacho, and Pepper say,”Hi!” Miss you.

    • I miss you too. What was your ducks number? And ask Grandpa what it’s name was! 🙂

  3. Grandpa and Grandma Grandpa and Grandma

    Our duck was number 92. We called him Raymond, Ray for short. Grandpa thought he looked like a Ray. The water was so slow that I don’t think any escaped to Sturgeon Falls. The water was so low you could walk right down to the bridge without getting your feet wet. 🐥

  4. Alina and Amaya Alina and Amaya

    Mira is very cute! I’m sure Amaya would want to pet her if she was there. I’m sure I would pet it too. Did you pet her? Do you celebrate Halloween there? If you don’t or if you do Happy Halloween!
    Alina and Amaya

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