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More food in Gdansk!

We just moved into our permanent home for our year abroad. We are about 200 meters away walking, from the Baltic Sea. We decided to walk there. Along the way are many restaurants and food trucks. While Kenzie, Wendy (my mom) and I got Kenzie an awesome waffle, my dad was nowhere to be found. He came back with the most amazing smelling dish ever. To all of us it looked like a potato. But when he offered me a bite, it had a little surprise inside.IMG_0172IMG_0173The normal potato was filled with fresh spinach and feta cheese. It was awesome and tasty. I don`t know what they did to it, but it tasted buttery, and fresh. What I learnt was, that life, (and food) is full of surprises.

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  1. Perry Perry

    I’ll have 3 of those potatoes please.😋

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