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Settling in

It’s Thursday evening here in Gdansk so that means we left Canada exactly 2 weeks ago. We’ve accomplished a lot in the last week, so bear with me as I try to cover most of it.

These were our last few days in our temporary old town/downtown apartment, so we wanted to make the most of it’s convenient – if also loud – location while we still could.   Once we moved to our seaside place, we knew it would be a 30 minute tram ride into the Old Town.


This is the outside gate entrance.  Again, with all the locks.  Outside gate lock, inside gate lock, outside door lock, 2 separate apartment door locks.  It’s hard to get into our apartment with any urgency; noted when one of us needed to use the washroom.

We visited the biggest brick church in all of Europe – St. Mary’s Church – and climbed the 400 steps to the top for a fantastic view.


The girls humoured me as I took several breaks to catch my breath.  About half of the ascent and descent was in a very narrow, winding stone staircase that none of us particularly loved.


But the view speaks for itself:


To make the move to our permanent apartment as easy as possible, we tried to rent a car, but the only vehicle left was a 9-seater van at a great price that we swiftly booked.   It was a monster.  And we called him The Hulk.


We had a love-hate relationship with The Hulk, but he got the job done.  We bought bikes, moved our luggage, and bought a whole lot of stuff at IKEA.  And moved into our new apartment this past Sunday.

So now we live a 3 minute walk from this:


It’s quiet, surrounded by a park and the sea and other families.  We still have places to eat and shop within a few minutes and the bike paths are incredibly thorough, safe and lead us to any number of amenities we might need.  It feels incredible to be getting settled and to have the chance to walk to the beach every evening for this sunsetIMG_1396


We are finding 800 sq ft. of living to be all that we need. We use all of our space – nothing is wasted.   This place has a ton of storage and we haven’t used half of it.  It’s freeing somehow to have so little.

Now, are days are filled with biking, park, beach, and finding our next activity or adventure.


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  1. Grandpa and Grandma Grandpa and Grandma

    Beautiful pictures! The photos of the rooftops remind me of some of the scenery we see when watching the Tour de France. Maybe we can rent The Hulk when we come for a visit. The girls must love being so close to the beach. They never seem to get enough swimming. Look forward to your next post.

  2. Rose Neumann Rose Neumann

    great that we can keep in touch with technology
    I am of to the cottage , alone..
    the time with Coco, Kai & Madeleine was good.
    It’s very dry & hot here, no rain. in sight.
    Keep writing.
    Love Mom


  3. Julie Julie

    That looks amazing! I am completely envious of he fact that you have so little with you…we all can learn something from you 😀 Looks like everyone is settling in so well. Looking toward to your next posts.

  4. Terry Terry

    Fantastic pictures and commentary. We’re glad to hear that you guys are getting settled and enjoying yourselves. I guess the Poles don’t leave a key under the mat!

  5. Aunt Debbie Aunt Debbie

    wow the pictures are amazing.glad you guys made it safely.

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