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Noble nights are Pigeons in Krakow.

There are a bunch of pigeons in Krakow and here is the reason why: A long time ago the king of Krakow wanted to be rich so he made a deal with a sorceress  to get money and the deal was the sorceress got to turn the kings army into pigeons and the pigeons would peck gold off of walls for the king. Here are some of the noble nights. (also known as pigeons)


That’s the story of the pigeons in Krakow and now I will tell  about our friend Pitor. Pitor the pigeon who also lives in Krakow. So we were in our apartment and when we look out our window we see this big pigeon sitting on the windowsill of the room next door.



Then my dad says” lets call it Peter.” and then I say “okay Pitor” by accident and Jade says “YES PITOR!”(Jade is my sister) And my mom says ” Pitor the pigeon!” and that’s the story of Pitor! Here are more pigeons.



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  1. Grandpa and Grandma Grandpa and Grandma

    I think Pepper, Nacho and Avalon would LOVE to meet Pitor and the other pigeons!

    • One pigeon flew right up on our windowsill of our apartment in Krakow. Send me photos and updates on the cats! ;D

  2. Marion Marion

    HI Kenzie,
    I like Pitor very much and the goats sheep and Icelandic ponies. The dog was lovely too. Steve and I saw a bald eagle today as well as a baby moose and its mother on the way here . Avalon almost escaped out the door when we arrived here. HOpe you meet some more nice animals in your travels. bye
    Xo, Marionette darn autocorrect!

  3. Xander Xander

    I think that is a very funny story about Pitor. Did you see any other animals?

    • Yes but not that many because it is a city and cities don’t have that much nature. How are you doing? I remembered about your 10th Birthday in September and i bought you a present. 😉 I miss you!

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