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Sheep in Norway

We were driving down a road in Norway and sheep normally like hanging out  on mountains and there are a lot of mountains in Norway so we were sure we would see sheep. . . and we did. In fact we had a SHEEP ATTACK!!!

Here is another story about sheep on the road in Norway. We turned the corner of the road and there were at least 5 sheep there slowly but surely running. We were very close to the sheep when they finally decided to cross right in front of us baaing. We let them pass by us but instead they were running in front of us. They ran almost as fast as the car but we were still faster. When they finally moved to the side, (a bit) we could just squeeze past them and then they chased us.img_0667



Here is our friend Shawn the sheep. we don’t think he likes us very well. We were trying to take pictures of him but he ran and hid behind the hill he was standing on. Luckily we just got a picture of him before he left.


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  1. Grandpa and Grandma Grandpa and Grandma

    You will be able to tell stories about Shawn the sheep and his friends when we go camping. I wonder where they were going? Maybe you can make up a story about where they go on their adventure.

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