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Food in Norway!

I’m sorry this was so late. I have been so caught up in school recently starting! Norway was amazing. I don’t even have words to describe it. The food was very good. It was very hard to find any restaurants at all! When we rarely did, after being starving for an hour looking for a place, the restaurant always had amazing food. We don’t really know what kind of food Noway has, but at almost every restaurant we went to, it almost always had many various types of pizza. All very good. One was so good, but it was big enough to feed an army!


It was huge! And delicious! We ordered two different types of pizzas, but our waiter, being very nice, and helping us not stuff ourselves to death, made half the huge pizza one type, and the other half a different type. One was a Taco pizza and the other had bacon, ham, mozzarella cheese and beef. They were both equally amazing! It was huge, and by the time we finished eating, we were as full as we could possibly get. It was well worth it though.

Can anyone guess what this is? Here’s a hint, it’s a traditional Norwegian food.

img_4770I will tell you in my next post. So try to figure it out before then. I know it’s hard. I will explain what it is, and how it tasted next post. Think about it. I will be back with details and more delicious food soon!

I learned that there are many mysteries in life and food, but the food mysteries are more fun to solve!

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  1. Grandpa and Grandma Grandpa and Grandma

    You would need a big pan to cook that pizza! Was it as good as the pizza your dad used to make at Toppers?

    • It was very good! Better than Toppers! It was so big, and we were all so full.

    • Yes it was better! It was so big, and Kenzie and I were so full!

  2. Alina and Amaya Alina and Amaya

    That thing looks like cheese a little bit. Am I right?

    • You are right! Good job Alina, and Amaya! Love Jadeyn

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