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Polish Bakeries, the cheap glory!

In Poland, especially in Gdansk, I have found the bakeries to be unrealistically cheap. We have an amazing, mouth-watering, tiny little bakery very close to us. It is called “Mielnik” We went there for the first time and bought so much stuff! We bought 2 donuts, 10 meringues, and 3 different pastry treats, and a loaf of bread all for only around $3,50! They were all good!


Now. we go there all the time for our sweet treats! I learned not to judge a bakery by it’s size.

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  1. Grandpa and Grandma Grandpa and Grandma

    At those prices you will never need to bake anything. Maybe they will have some special treats close to Christmas. Was there something inside the round pastry?

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