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Mmmm Germany!

From the fantastic architecture, happy memories, and glorious sausages, Germany was amazing. Our first night was a great start. We arrived at our hotel, around dinner time, and decided to go have some Schnitzel and Spätzle! It was amazing!!!!!!!! I couldn’t get enough. I had Spätzle, and so did my mom Wendy. My dad and Kenzie had Schnitzel. Everyone was beyond satisfied with their first meal in Germany.

                                                    They were traditionally German and awesomely delicious!

The next day we went to visit Marienplatz in Munich, and picked up some German sausages! They were the best sausages I’ve ever tasted. So make a note: German sausages are a MUST DO!!!!!

My dad had a Schnitzel sandwich, which he says was out of this world! To be honest, I don’t think I took many breathes while eating that unbelievable sausage. I don’t think any of us did.

While making our way though the town of Rothenburg Ob der Tauber, we ran into a snowball shop. I know, it sounds weird. It sounds like it’s a shop with snowballs, but no, it’s way more delicious than snow. In German: “Schneeball”.

Well, they are very good. But I suggest that if you ever have one, get it with something flavourful on it, like chocolate or nuts, or powdered sugar. The plain sugar ones are great, but a bit plain and not so flavourful. Although, they are very German, so it was cool to try them. We also saw them being made:

I think that was very cool. Snowballs are a good German experience, but please don’t use them like real snowballs!

Last note: Pizza. We seem to find very good pizza in every country we go to. Germany had really good pizza!

What I learned is that in my opinion, the rule for life is: When in doubt, go with pizza! And I am glad we doubted because that pizza was worth the doubt!

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  1. Marlene Mulligan Marlene Mulligan

    Everything looks delicious. We should try to make spätzle when you come home. Apparently you can use a potato ricer to make the noodles and I have one of those. When Grandpa played at a resort a couple of years ago, they had a huge buffet of German and Swiss food. Spätzle was one of the dishes. We look forward to hearing about the food you encountered in Greece and Italy over the Christmas Break. Love Grandpa and Grandma

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