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Cats in Germany

My Sister, Mom and I, were walking on the Rothenburg ob der Tauber city walls and my dad found a cat that liked to be pet. I saw him petting it and I wanted to go down and pet him too… so I did. I went down the closest stairway and pet the cat too. 

After that ^cat ^  and after we walked the city walls, we saw another cat that was not scared at all by us. Actually, he came towards us and then we pet him and after, he followed us! Thankfully, another person came and pet him and we got time to escape the cuteness of the cat. I bet the cat followed the other guy until he saw a different guy and then he would follow that guy.


At our hotel on the last night, I looked out my window and I thought I saw a statue of a cat but I went outside and saw it was a real one! It was scared at first but then I pet it and it wasn’t scared anymore. It liked to be pet a lot but when I saw it I was just about to leave!



I think there is a legend of this cat. It has orange tail, but, a white body…      I think its tail got cut off or something      and someone sewed on a orange tail because it used to have a white tail…. nobody in my family believes it  though.

Do you?

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  1. Grandma and Grandpa Grandma and Grandpa

    Grandpa says we won’t be telling Nacho that you are petting other cats. He would be envious. He gets lots of pets from everyone who visits, but he never thinks he has enough. Grandpa thinks there is an orange cat somewhere with a white tail. The gray cat looks a lot like your Dad’s cat, Hans.

  2. Patricia McAughey Patricia McAughey

    Kenzie – only the cat knows and that would be one of his nine live tails ( tales )

  3. Gabrielle Gabrielle

    I so do believe it! It sounds so true!
    So weird but cute!

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