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Czech’s Bests

Czech Republic was amazing. From huge, decorative, historical buildings, to tiny, cute, friendly shops in little towns, Czech Republic had by far the most decorative and creative architecture I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, we didn’t have much luck with food. We started off very strong, with a friendly, and tasty welcoming gift into our little farm house.

We received a big vanilla cake as soon as we entered our room. It was very good. It was very spongy and moist, which made it very traditional and different. It was a good start to our stay, followed by the many farm animals that roamed around. (see Kenzie’s blog post) In downtown Prague, we tried a Czech chimney cake. It wasn’t quite the same as Krakow’s, but it was delicious We bought one that was filled with milk chocolate. And the best part was……… was warm! Which was great since it was cold in Prague. It was very doughy and different, definitely something to try. We found that Czech Republic’s food was very similar to Poland’s food, and unfortunately, we didn’t manage to try any Czech traditional dishes. Personally, I think Czech Republic is made for the sights, which are impossible to miss! So, to sum up Czech Republic, what I learned was: that sometimes food is sweet and sights are even sweeter! I will never forget this inspiring and beautiful country!


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