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Greece is Sweet!

Greece was exactly how I imagined it. White buildings with blue tops on a mountain edge over looking the sea. Beautiful. The food was just as beautiful. When we went, it was Christmas time, so we lucked out and got to try some Greek Christmas treats for free from our hotel.  The first was a traditional Greek cookie.

It was a powdered cookie with soft dough inside, and it was amazing, but messy. Everyone was covered in powdered sugar after eating just one. It was well worth the mess. As we walked around Athens, we noticed that almost very lawn had a lemon or orange tree in it. It was cool! We even got to try one from off of a tree once.

After wandering through the city, we went back to our hotel, with just enough energy left to feed our craving for baked goods. In a Greek bakery we tried the famous Greek sweet Baklava.

It is a traditional Greek dish with nuts surrounded by pastry and coated in fresh, delicious honey. It was super heavy and incredibly filling. In our travels to the town of Nafplio, we went to try some Greek dishes for dinner, and we lucked out big time.

We had: Amazing fries with salt and oregano, two Greek Gyros wraps, which were show-stopping and juicy, chicken pieces that you could eat forever, and traditional Greek chicken Souvlaki. After finishing, we were filled to our limit. Kenzie had a blue Fanta at this restaurant, which we have never seen before. Apparently, it was very good! She said it was blueberry flavored. We also thought it was cool with the Greek writing on it (which by the way is the hardest language ever!) Greek was great overall! And beautiful! What I learned: Beauty comes in many forms, one of them being in food! I love Greece!

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  1. Grandma and Grandpa Grandma and Grandpa

    I think we will be eating some more delicious food when we go to Paris in April. You are going to have a very difficult time deciding on your favourite food after your European adventures.

  2. Patricia McAughey Patricia McAughey

    That looked awesome – it is so good to try the traditional foods from these countries…. always better than what we try to imitate.
    Wow – what amazing time you are having !

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