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Santorini and Naxos

Let me say this: The Greek Islands will be well worth any horrors you might face on the journey there.

When we went in 2001, we took a slow ferry for 16 hours on the cheapest outdoor deck bench we could find.  Not such a horror, but not ideal either.

This time, the sea was rough.  So rough that we came within inches of strangers’ vomit on more than one occasion. If I have tips, they would be: avoid the holiday season, avoid winter ferries and pay for the upgraded seats.  With that said, I’d do it all again.

Here are some happier moments on the ferry….

Santorini should be on everyone’s must-do list when visiting Greece.  Yes, it is that amazing.

Built on top of a caldera leftover from a huge volcanic eruption, it is cliff-top life at it’s best.

Although the photos below look like postcards, I assure you they are unaltered and unprofessional.

The location of our villa afforded these views, but it also meant a step uphill climb everytime we wanted to go out to eat, to buy something, or to get to the main road.  Not easy.   Maybe that’s why its so beautiful.  Isn’t everything that is worth it in life difficult to attain?

Following our perfect weather in Santorini, we headed to the island of Naxos, where we had nothing but rain for 97% of our time there.

Despite the weather, the island was good to us.  Beautiful, raw, rocky terrain.

Naxos Town (also called Chora) had some iconic streets that represented all of what we imagine of Greece in our minds:

Cobblestoned paths, blue and white houses, flowers and orange trees all around.  It was enchanting and our ray of sunshine during our Naxos visit.

In was in parting from Greece that we also parted ways with my mother as she left to go home to Canada. Although we had no tree, no presents and no home, we were together.   And we shared an unusual Christmas in a way we will remember forever.


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  1. Jenny Jenny

    Stunning pictures. What an adventure!

  2. Patricia McAughey Patricia McAughey

    Your pictures are amazing —- my daughter visited these islands many years ago and she said the same – the beauty of this country is outstanding. Thank you so much for sharing !

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