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Memorable London

, most students from grades 4-7 at BISG traveled on a school trip to London, England. Let me tell you, flying with fifty other classmates in a not so big airplane is not so fun. When we arrived we first went to Buckingham Palace. It was amazing. This picture is of the gates to the palace, which is currently where the Queen of England lives.


There was one golden statue right beside it that perfectly matched with the palace. The palace had beautiful golden touches and a guards in traditional palace guard uniform that were so cool! Our next stop was the HMS Belfast ship. It’s a warship made for war that is equipped with canons and is now a museum, and we got to explore it up and down (even where the canons were being fired from!)

After that, it was time to go shopping! At first my friends and I thought it was a real garden, judging by it’s name, but no, Covent Garden is a huge shopping market. It has cute little shops an stands, and big, interesting shops that have everything too! 

After a long. tiring day, we had tgo rest. We went to our hotel and went to bed. Well, my class’s girls were all together in a room, so we talked for a long time after curfew, but shhhhh! Don’t tell the teachers!

The next day was very cool! First we got up early and headed out to see the Tower of London, A huge, old castle that was home to many princesses, queen, kings, and princes, but also many prisoners. We explored the legends and tales of this castle and saw almost every milometer of it. It was amazing. 

This picture is not the whole castle. This is just a tiny little section of the size of the entire thing. This is noly about 1 eighth of the size of the whole thing, but this picture gives you an idea of one: How big the place really is, and two: How stunningly amazing and beautiful it is. The next place we went to was on a boat under: Tower bridge, London bridge, past the big Ben, and next to the London eye. Pretty amazing boat ride. This was the view from the boat. Our next stop was off of the boat and up the London eye. It was so cool. We went into a pod that kept moving so we all had to run to get in on time and let us all fit in. The view from the top was mind-blowing. This was the view from inside our pod looking out from the very top. Then, as we were walking to catch our bus back to hotel, we walked right past the Big Ben. It actually is very big. It’s so tall and has such nice golden touches. 

Here is Ben with Big Ben. 

And here is just Big Ben. Then, after a long, tiring day, which was pretty much every day running around with friend sin London, England while seeing many attractions, we went home to sleep in our hotel.

The next day was my favorite. I had ever really been much of a Harry Potter fan, but fan or not, being in the studios where all the magic happened, is well, magical. Now everyone who went is obsessed with Harry Potter. Yes, it was that cool. Also, it was my favorite part of London. 

Honestly, I could show you pictures of this forever, but unfortunately, I had to lower it down to two. My favorites! First one: Hogwarts castle. So amazing the model of the famous castle right before my eyes. I almost cried. The second, which I went inside, is the Hogwarts train. Both of these, were used in the actual movies. This was an amazing experience that I will never forget. The Harry Potter Studios.  That was it for the 3ed day. Another tiring night, but with all of my friends.

The forth day was unfortinetly, the last. We went to the London museum. It was so fascinating. There were robotic models of dinosaurs and fossils, bones and informative exhibits. We couldn’t stay to see the entire thing, because we had to catch our flight back to Gdansk, but overall the museum was very breathtaking. On our trip, we saw many: 

Double Decker Buses.

And ,many telephone boxes to top the whole thing off. (Although, the telephone boxes weren’t all red)

Overall, London was never really a place I’d dreamed of going, but it was so amazing. I think it’s one of my favorite countries. Just being with friends, experiencing a new culture, and seeing such awesome attractions, was a perfect combination. I would go back in heart beat.

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