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The End

I could have just as easily called this post “The Beginning”. It represents the end of our year in Gdansk, but only the start of what would become our love story with the city.

It was the year that Kenzie found her best friend in the world.
It was the year that Jadeyn found her brilliant writing voice.
It was the year I found the strength to reinvent my life in ways I’d never considered.
It was the year Ben found countless challenges and even more triumphs.

It was the year that sparked a passion for travelling in all of us and a promise to ourselves to eventually return to this place that allowed growth beyond measure amid unparalleled joys.

Here are a few of the images that represent the best – and the last – parts of our stay.

One of our favourite finds and only a small sampling of the murals painted to beautify the old communist-era buildings.

As I conclude the blog with a photo of our final evening in Gdansk in 2017, I do so with a mind full of memories and a family made richer by the experience.

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